Patched African Print Shoulder Bag

Bohemian Tote

$40.00 donation

Save 20 Mamas & Babies when you purchase this item.

Product Description

These colorful and unique bags are handcrafted, featuring a variety of patchwork African prints. These over the shoulder bags are large enough to wear across the chest and feature a top zip closure. A lightweight and colorful addition to your travels. Each bag uses different, colorful African print patterns, making each one unique!

This $40 donation saves 20 lives!

100% of the proceeds made from your order go back into the communities who designed the products through OneMama programs.

Additional Information

Important Note for Handmade Items

All garments and accessories are handmade in a developing country – though we hand-check all items before shipment, if any faults are found, we will be happy to exchange the item for you.


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