Classy OneMama Wrap Dress

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Save 37 Mamas & Babies when you purchase this item.


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Beautifully handmade, 100% cotton wrap dress made by women of Uganda, designed by OneMama. These solid colored, authentic African style dresses are the perfect fit into any wardrobe — dress it up or dress it down. These dresses completely open up and wrap around you with a long tie and are one-size fits all. Flatters any body style!

Colors: Black, Aqua, OneMama Red

Tea-Length ~ 100% Cotton Jersey Material ~ One-size fits all

This $75 donation saves 37 lives!

Look fabulous and feel fabulous knowing that 100% of this purchase supports the OneMama clinic in Uganda and future clinics around the globe.

Additional information

Washing Instructions for Handmade Cotton Tops & Dresses

Handmade cotton items deserve a proper washing.

Hours of time go into hand sewing a cotton dress or top. It is worthwhile to spend some time washing it. Cotton is a sturdy fabric and can be washed in the washing machine, but the delicate threads used in embroidery or hand stitching can be broken or crushed with rough handling. Dirt and other chemicals can build up and wear out the fibers if a garment is not washed and rinsed carefully. Proper care will preserve a garment for many generations.


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