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     • Care for the children of the earth, as if each were our only child
     • Take Action to end injustice and defend innocence
     • Fight for Joy in our lives and the lives of others
     • Extend a Hand respectfully to those in need
     • Allow Others to reach out to us, and teach us all how to gratefully receive
     • Guard our precious planet

We are all OneMama living on OneMother Earth...

Interested in volunteering for OneMama in US or Africa?
Be a OneMama Action Hero--Volunteer!

You will receive a cultural education, a new perspective, a sense of global connection and a life-changing experience in return both here and in Africa.

Events + Social Media + Internships + Africa Expansion Program

Help us to expand One Mama to rural areas in Uganda and other neighboring countries. A team of volunteers will be needed to help obtain supplies and put together Birthing Kits to distribute to local midwives.

OneMama model works well, but it depends highly on your marketplace purchases and monetary donations. For the easiest way to get involved, shop or donate today!

Contact us for more details and to inquire about how you can become a OneMama Action Hero!

OneMama Opportunities:

Clinic Work
Cooperative Education
Business Development
Technical Support
Other Programs

Clinic Work

Construction Services: Build, maintain, and repair clinic facility.

Work in Clinics: Teach family planning and pre/postnatal care classes, train students in finance, work as a nurse, work in a daycare program. These opportunities are especially suited for volunteers with medical training and/or teaching experience.

Deliver Supplies to Uganda: Bring necessary resources to Uganda's local communities.

Cooperative Education

Health & Family Planning Program: Participate in Uganda as an educator, content developer, or community organizer. Help us create similar programs in other communities throughout the world.

Pre/Post Natal Care Program: Educate, train, and care for Uganda's midwives, mothers, and pregnant women.

Financial Sustainability Program: Lead an innovative economics program in Uganda, training participants to be financially successful.

Midwife/Medical Training: Educate Uganda's participants about midwifery, learn about midwifery traditions in Uganda, train participants in modern medicine, and learn about Ugandan remedies.

Cultural Immersion Program: Connect OneMama volunteers to Uganda's communities through OneMama's creative giving and receiving model.

Business Development

Create Content: Produce text for web and print.

Educator Outreach: Match volunteers with the appropriate OneMama programs.

Office Work: Create PR collateral, cards, brochures, logo, pamphlets, fax, file, email, errands, database maintenance, and create presentations (write content, knowledge of MS Office, Powerpoint).

Event Organizer: Email campaigning, organize and execute details of fundraising events.

Administration: Bookkeeping, accounting, canvassing, grant writing, public relations

Fundraising: Raise necessary funds for programs, clinic, and overall organization.

Build partnerships: Develop strong relationships with other nonprofit and for profit organizations.

Technical Support

Documentary Equipment

IT person

Check Out Our Other Future Programs

HIV Orphanages: Once a clinic in any given area is stable, we build an HIV program to accompany it. Help us create this program and participate in it.

Kid's Volunteer Program: A ground-breaking pen-pal program for individuals 18 and under to connect with Uganda's youth.

Traditional Herbalogy Training: Learn about traditional medicine used for generations by Uganda's midwives.

Pilot Programs in Other Locations: Build other OneMama programs around the globe.

Research: Learn about cultural diversity, study midwifery traditions across the world, and investigate OneMama success rates.

To receive more information about these and other volunteer opportunities, Contact Us today!

By this merit may enlightenment be attained, may we overcome the afflictions of evil, may we liberate all beings from the ocean of suffering, the stormy waves of birth, old age, illness, and death.