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A Voice for Mamas and Babies

OneMama founder Siobhan Neilland narrates this video explaining OneMama's mission, goals, cause, and progress and how your help effects the people of the communities where OneMama clinics are located.

Siobhan's "Aha!" Moment

OneMama's founder, Siobhan Neilland, discusses the heartbreak that inspired her to volunteer in Uganda and the "aha!" moment when she decided to start OneMama.

Videos on OneMama's Life-Saving Fashion

Ethical Fashion Saving Lives

Siobhan discusses her inspiration for creating OneMama, the goals and resources they provide, and the continuous journey of fighting for both your own joy and the joy of others.

OneMama Clothing Collection

OneMama Founder, Siobhan Neilland, discusses her life-saving fashion line created by and benefiting women of OneMama programs.

Videos of OneMama Clinic

Tour of New OneMama Clinic in Uganda

Founder of OneMama, Siobhan Neilland, gives an in-depth look at its new clinic in Uganda. OneMama founder Siobhan Neilland with the OneMama staff in Uganda.

Immunizations for Babies in Uganda

OneMama documents newborn babies waiting to be immunized in Uganda.

Pregnant Women at OneMama Clinic

Women waiting at OneMama clinic for prenatal care with Mama Jamira.

OneMama Youth Chairman

Soloman talks about his role as Youth Chairman at the OneMama Clinic in Uganda.

OneMama's Stolen Medical Supplies

Jamira telling Siobhan (through an interpreter), that what little supplies they had were stolen, and that the medical supplies that Siobhan has brought will be very helpful.

OneMama Dedication of Supplies

OneMama founder, Siobhan Neilland, dedicates donated medical supplies to Mama Jamira, the traditional midwife who inspired her to start OneMama.

Ugandan Children Sing "OneMama"

OneMama founder, Siobhan Neilland, sings with children in Ugandan village.

Singing in the Village

A group of women and children from the Ugandan village where the OneMama clinic is located sing "OneMama" together.

OneMama Craft Class

Women attend a crafting class sponsored by OneMama.

Village Energy Brings Lights to Clinic

OneMama founder, Siobhan Neilland, talks to the team at Village Energy, who provided the solar lights for the OneMama Birthing Clinic in Uganda.

How-To Videos for OneMama Fashion

OneMama's Versatile Dresses

Siobhan shows off some of the various ways you can wear all of the beautiful dresses from OneMama's clothing collection.

OneMama's Teardrop Dress

Siobhan demonstrates the versatility of the OneMama Classy Tear Drop 5-Way Dress

 Backless Black Dress that Saves Lives

Siobhan demonstrates the sexy sophistication of OneMama's Backless Cotton Dress.

OneMama Action Hero Cape

Siobhan shows how easy it is to be your very own hero in the OneMama Action Hero Cape.

OneMama's Action Hero Dress

Siobhan talks about the adaptability and ease of the OneMama Action Hero Dress.

OneMama Original Paper Beads (Worn by Steve Tyler)

Siobhan discusses the various ways you can wear OneMama's one-of-a-kind Paper Beads.

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