ShaBoom Beauty

Unlike traditional nonprofits that rely mainly on donations to implement their projects, is additionally funded by makeup and skincare line, ShaBoom Beauty cosmetics.

The creation of this make-up line came about organically. founder, Siobhan Neilland, was seeking ongoing funding for her nonprofit and found it near impossible to purchase all-natural, paraben-free, cosmetics. Her solution? Create a company that does both. “I wanted people to look and feel beautiful, both inside and out while supporting a great cause. How many people can say their makeup is literally saving lives?” ShaBoom Products ensures 20% to 40% of proceeds go directly to—a percentage most “ethical” brands would find inconceivable.

What many ethically-minded shoppers do not know about cosmetics that advertise they support a charity is that a minuscule percentage of proceeds–usually less than 5%–actually reaches the organization. By donating more than five times as much as your average “ethical brand,” ShaBoom Products strives to create change and accountability among businesses that advertise they are doing good in the world. ShaBoom Product’s game-changing model of altruistic entrepreneurship has been celebrated at the Grammy’s, Golden Globes, New York Fashion Week, and UN Women’s event on funding solutions for nonprofits.

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