OneMama's Mission to Help Women and Children in Rural Uganda


 OneMama's Vision
People will work together in thriving, sustainable communities around the world, creating a balanced global collective.

OneMama's Mission
To bring prosperity and health to people all over the world by empowering women as caregivers, mothers, businesswomen and agents of change for their rural communities.

OneMama's Strategy
To empower women, families, and communities to be successful through sustainable health, education, and economics.

By creating a pilot program in Uganda that can be replicated in all rural, poor communities around the globe; OneMama ensures that midwives, mothers, fathers and children receiving assistance also receive the opportunity for education in pre/postnatal care, family planning, and financial stability. The recipients, whether they are mothers, fathers, midwives, or volunteers must contribute back to OneMama, creating a unified support system.

OneMama's History
Founded in 2007 by Siobhan Neilland, OneMama puts direct focus on women because it is the woman, traditional midwife, mother and the men who love them who bring these communities to life. This organization is committed to helping families in poor communities improve their lives through family planning, education, and sustainable economics.


How OneMama Came to Be

The Birth of OneMama!
Jan 6th marks the anniversary of the birth of OneMama,
Really the original source,
The beginning of my life's purpose.

This day is called the Epiphany,
On this day it is said The Wise Men came for the Divine Birth.
It is the day my Mother was born
And it is the day I lost my baby Sepulveda's spirit to the heavens.

This day marks the long hard journey of transmuting the deepest pain I've
known to my greatest JOY and what I now know I am here to do.

I cry tears of JOY today and sadness all fused into this lovely sweet
Package of Truly Living and experiencing all that is Love.

The Spirit of Sepulveda is there to usher every Baby born to safety and
to let Every Mother know she too is LOVED and MATTERS.

I try to swim through life with Her in my heart
She sacrificed so much LIFE so that I could be of service to
So many others like her in this life.

Sepulveda whispered in my ear to go to Africa to heal my grief by being
There with an open heart for others in need.

Sepulveda then whispered in my ear when I met Mama-Jamira that this is
The OneMama who can support all Mama's.

Then Sepulveda smiled on my heart.
With every child I see enter the world,
I experience a new life on my journey of service.
With this experience my heart is healed and continues to heal.






Siobhan's Vision

When I was 15 years old, I had a vision that changed me deeply.
I saw myself in Africa, working with its people and making a difference in their lives.
I saw myself showing people in such desperate conditions that they mattered.
I decided to live out my vision after college.
Then Life Happened!
After many obstacles and so much time, I thought my vision would never come to fruition.
Now, much later in life, the time is right.
I am ready to live my vision- to be of service in Africa.
I am now humbly honored that I have been guided by something higher to be OneMama's caretaker.