Celebrating Mamas of the World this Mother’s Day!

OneMama Celebrates Mother’s Day Everyday

Honor mamas everywhere as a part of our OneMama family!

OneMama Honors Mamas Everyday -- Mama's Day is OneMama's most celebrated day of the year!
Honor the incredible mamas in our lives this Mother’s Day by supporting OneMama programs created to support mamas and their babies surviving on under $1.25 a day.

Here's how we can celebrate Mother's Day everyday with OneMama!

  1. OneMama Collection Gifts -- clothing and crafts creating global, social change in the lives of mamas all over the world. OneMama's Gifts That Give Back to Mothers in Need
    2. Help a Mother in Need in Your Mother's Name -- donate a special honorary gift card in the name of a mother you love. Mothers Day Donate Honor Card
    3. 100% Giving - OneMama Kit -- OneMama premium partner, ShaBoom Beauty, celebrates MOTHER'S DAY everyday with OneMama by offering this special limited time Mother's Day kit.

    Spoil our mamas, making them feel great inside and out, with this limited time offer... a JOY-filled make-up kit that gives 100% of proceeds back to mothers and babies in need.  SHOP NOW! 100% of Proceeds of this Makeup Kit Go to Mothers in Need
    4. Donate Directly -- All donations made on OneMama.org give 100% of your purchase or direct donation back to the OneMama clinic and community center in Uganda Africa. Donate Today to Save Lives of Mamas and Babies whose families survive off $1.25/day.

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OneMama's Start

After Siobhan Neilland experienced a miscarriage, she founded OneMama.org to prevent mamas of the world from facing the same pain she had. Now, through OneMama.org abroad and domestic programs, women are provided with resources to be nurturing mamas, leading prosperous, healthy lives.

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