OneMama Collection – Clothing That Saves Lives

The OneMama Collection is a fashion and accessories line handmade in Uganda by our beneficiaries who receive family planning, vocational training, and maternal health services by participating in our programs. Each OneMama dress, handbag, and skirt tells a story, and 100% of each purchase goes towards saving lives.

We realized the women and men in the area had some wonderful skills to create crafts and goods that would sell well back in the U.S. to their benefit. We helped these families obtain the materials they needed to create clothes, children’s toys, jewellery and other crafts and we created an online shop to sell those goods. We put the proceeds back into OneMama and thus the OneMama Collection was born!

OneMama takes the strengths within a community, the people, and brings resources to make a dramatic difference in a local community. When you purchase from the OneMama collection, not only are you receiving one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items, you are helping to support OneMama’s Three Tiered approach, which provides funding to build a permanent clinic space, supplies medical equipment, training, medicines, vitamins, information about preventing disease and birth defects while providing ongoing support to local health care givers.

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