OneMama’s Domestic Violence Awareness Project

The Domestic Violence Project is the most recent addition to the OneMama projects in Uganda, and where we have seen the most dramatic positive change. We host ongoing domestic violence training sessions with experts for our community to change the culture of violence in a country in which 68% of every married woman aged 15-49 experience some form of violence inflicted by their spouse or intimate partner in their lifetime.

Our first meeting in October of 2015 drew over 60 community members, during which one of our domestic violence experts stated, "I have never seen a village more ready to address this issue." We noticed the majority of existing domestic violence programs are targeted towards women. Our training sessions are now built out to not only address women, but also address men, and the cultural stigmas that perpetuate violence as a whole. Since our initial workshop at the OneMama Clinic, we have expanded to hosting domestic violence training sessions and events every 6 to 8 weeks in communities within a 30-mile radius of the clinic. As one of only a few organizations offering domestic violence resources in the region, we receive referrals daily from other clinics and medical centers to treat victims of domestic violence.

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