OneMama Birthing Clinic in Uganda Africa

The essential ingredient of every model is a trusted, locally-based traditional midwife (“Mama”). The birthing and medical supplies support the midwife. The clinics provide safe birthing kits, pain medication, and preventive measures to stop HIV transmission from mother to baby

Pre-Natal Care
      •Prenatal visits
      •Vitamins and medicines to help ensure healthy pregnancy
      •Checking placement of baby to make sure that birth is not breached or to refer mother elsewhere for further medical assistance

      •Midwife and Nurse Practitioner oversee birth
      •HIV Prevention from Mother to Baby
      •Pain medication, Antibiotics and other Medical Interventions provided as needed
      •Post-Natal Care allowing Mother and Infant to convalesce in a safe and protected environment
      •Complicated births are referred to specialists, or assistance is called in.