OneMama Health Clinic and Health Services in Uganda Africa

OneMama Model is a medical clinic that is staffed and targeted toward the main health issues confronting the community it serves. Different international areas battle different health needs. We work within those local areas to identify and address the top five health issues and develop appropriate treatment, prevention and referral protocols, including safe birthing, medical supplies, malaria testing and treatment and basic health care and referrals. Our Model contains a Health Education program teaching a range of preventative measures. Currently, our clinic offers HIV prevention and testing, malaria prevention, family planning services, basic prenatal care, STD prevention, fungal treatments and cold and flu treatments, while offering referrals for birth complications or medical care.
Infectious Disease Prevention
     •HIV/AIDs testing and prevention
     •Malaria Testing and prevention
     •Instruction to prevent Mother-Infant HIV transmission
     •Family planning including condom distribution Infectious Disease Treatment
     •Malaria treatment
Family Medicine
     •Family planning and condom use
     •General Health Clinic for Infants, Children and Adults