OneMama Model for 250 Clinics Worldwide

OneMama builds health Clinics in developing countries around the world to empower impoverished communities through opportunities for safer births, health support, and economic sustainability programs. OneMama clinics provide birthing services, general medical healthcare, and entrepreneurial support to clinic members.

OneMama seeks to expand its current model to build new clinics worldwide. The OneMama Three Tiered Model will bring birthing clinics, medical services and Economic Empowerment programs to other areas of the world where people live on less than $1.25 per day. OneMama plans to build 250 clinics to support rural communities around the world that live in poverty. Poverty impacts people in various ways, but one of the most effective ways to measure and to resolve global inequalities is to address health and Economic Empowerment disparities. OneMama takes the strengths within a community, the people, and brings resources to make a dramatic difference in a local community. OneMama’s Three Tiered approach provides funding to build a permanent clinic space, supplies medical equipment, training, medicines, vitamins, information about preventing disease and birth defects while providing ongoing support to local health care givers. In addition, OneMama brings supplies and materials to local women crafts-workers and agricultural growers, and an online sales platform based in the U.S. so entrepreneurs can create and sell their goods in markets they normally would not have access to.

Initially, OneMama locates the site for the clinic, supervises construction and initial clinic set up. Then we apply our model for services:
     •We find and support a traditional midwife to deliver babies, and establish a medical clinic staffed by a Nurse Practitioner to provide more general family health services and build Economic Empowerment programs.
     •We provide disease prevention and education and appropriate testing and treatment for Malaria and to prevent HIV transmission based on the locally identified need.
     •Operating next to our clinics is the OneMama Economic Sustainability Programs, which provide training and materials for indigenous crafts and agricultural products to be sold through OneMama’s online and Local & International Marketplace.
     •Proceeds are then used to purchase clinic medical supplies.
     •Upon set up of the clinic and Economic Sustainable programs OneMama International provides professional oversight and management services to assist local leaders towards ensuring clinics are well run, adequately staffed, and fiscally accountable. OneMama builds clinics that are self sustaining, and completely run by the communities they serve. We help build indigenous leadership and local support to manage the clinics and Economic Empowerment centers. OneMama’s model is a simple and elegant solution to bring prosperity and health to people all over the world by empowering women as caregivers, mothers, businesswomen and agents of change for their rural communities.