Leadership Interview Coaching – 100% Goes to OneMama

OneMama's founder and Fortune 500 Recruiting Leader and Leadership Development Coach, Siobhan Neilland, has launched a new private interview and career coaching and group virtual workshops where 100% of profits go directly back to community at the OneMama Uganda Health Center and Birthing Clinic.

Siobhan’s professional experience of over 20 years ranges from recruiting to building companies from scratch, working for some of the top companies–primarily in the tech industry–while also helping hire some of the best leaders and technologists to run those companies. With that, Siobhan has developed a style of leadership interview coaching that gives candidates that extra lift in their ability to get the job they want and deserve.

These programs help experienced, senior level talent, leaders, and technical experts build-up their interviewing skills and land the roles and positions they deserve and in the companies they want!

  • This is for people who are seasoned in their field and want to step up to the next level.
  • For people who have a robust skill sets that seems atrophied after working the same job and company for so long.
  • For people who struggle with self-advocacy.
  • For people who may interview a lot yet aren’t getting the results they thought they deserve.
  • For people who are willing to look at the interview process through another lens.
  • For people who need help creating innovative, authentic stories out of their accomplishments and experiences.
  • Or, for people who simply need guidance understanding their career journey.

To learn more, you can read Siobhan's exclusive FAQ here.