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OneMama supplies birthing kits and medical supplies, builds medical clinics, and creates a marketplace for women and their families to sell their crafts or crops. We do our work in places where people live on less than $1 per day. One birthing kit could prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission, and support a woman giving birth with medicines and supplies administered by a Traditional Midwife, there to help. OneMama’s goal is to build 250 clinics around the world that will build and support health and birthing clinics in places that do not have access to health services. We support local Traditional Midwives to deliver culturally appropriate care that is augmented by the best medical tests, treatments and interventions.

OneMama Action Hero Necklace That Saves Lives!
OneMama Action Hero Necklace that Saves Lives!
Order yours today - 100% of proceeds go to OneMama programs!

OneMama's aha Moment
Mutual of Omaha Aha Moment Commercial featuring OneMama
Siobhan's Sit Down Interview about OneMama
All about OneMama Projects, Funding, etc.
Watch Siobhan explains everything about the OneMama Project

Black Dresses that Save Lives!
OneMama Collection Dresses that Save Lives - Make inspiring gifts
The OneMama Collection Dresses - Explained

OneMama: Discovering Our Mothers Film
Documentary featuring OneMama - 7 minute segment
Segment of Discovering Our Mothers Film highlighting OneMama

TEDx Hayward Talk
TedEx Hayward Live Lecture - Fighting for our Joy - Onemama
Watch Siobhan's TedEx Talk

Tommy Davidson Introduces OneMama
Tommy Davidon Sophie Tucker Interview OneMama
Watch Interview by Sophie Tucker

OneMama's New YouTube Channel!
Download the OneMama Song mp3
Listen to Siobhan's "Women Who Are Changing The World" Summit Lecture!
2011 OneMama and ShaBoom Fashion Show
Fashion Show - OneMama Shaboom
Watch the OneMama/ShaBoom Fashion Show featuring OneMama Collection Clothing and Accessories

Siobhan & Ugandan Children
OneMama Ugandan Children Sing and Dance
Watch Ugandan Children Dance,Sing "OneMama"

Santa Barbara TV Interview
Santa Barbara TV - Oscars/Academy Awards Interview w/ OneMama
Watch Oscars Inverview of OneMama

Information Coming Soon:
OneMama's local efforts in the U.S.
I Gave Birth to a Child I Didn't Know I Had
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