OneMama’s Healthy Helping Hands, Hand Sanitizer (8oz)

$16.00 donation

Save 4 Mamas & Babies and Support BLM when you purchase this item.


As the global coronavirus threat continues, OneMama’s hand sanitizer is here to help. While obtaining hand sanitizer in Uganda is still a challenge, here in the U.S., OneMama has produced a hand sanitizer that not only helps combat harmful bacteria, it also, with each purchase, gives back to the rural community in Uganda where the OneMama family is struggling to keep up with the demand caused by this pandemic.

In addition to supporting, OneMama in turn donates 50% of proceeds of this product to At the heart of what we do at OneMama is providing black lives the resources for every life to matter and offering a voice to bring forth real change to eliminate racial (and gender) inequalities. We all want to feel like we are loved and we matter in this world. However very specifically, at OneMama, 100% of the community we support are black and the BLM movement is incredibly important to our cause.

This $16 donation saves 4 lives at the OneMama clinic and gives back $8 to!

OneMama’s new hand sanitizer gel is an alcohol-based antiseptic formulated with a calming essential oil blend to kill germs and soothe your stress. The sanitizer dries instantly, leaving behind no residue.

50% of your purchase of our hand sanitizers goes back to OneMama’s rural Ugandan community in desperate need of assistance during our global coronavirus pandemic.
50% of your purchase of our hand sanitizers goes back to the Black Lives Matter organization.

Active: 8 fluid ounces (236 mL)
Active: Ethyl Alcohol
Use: For hand washing to decrease bacteria on the skin. Recommended for repeated use.
Activity: Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria on contact
Application: Wet hands with product and allow to dry without wiping.


  • Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including COVID-19
  • Provides effective hand sanitation in one simple step
  • Assists in reducing cross-contamination
  • Dries instantly leaving behind no residue
  • Clean, fresh traces of lavender scents


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