Sponsorships Keeping OneMama’s Clinic Doors Open

These past few years have been extremely challenging for OneMama and have gravely hindered OneMama's ability to grow. With donations at an all-time low and funding solutions that just can't function during a pandemic, OneMama is in great need for continued help and support in ways we've never needed more than we do right now! We are at a cross-roads where we must cut staff, cut programs, and reduce our services to the OneMama community at the Maternal Health Clinic in rural Uganda because we just don't have the funds and the programs in place aren't producing economic growth and sustainability in this current climate.

This is why we are calling upon our OneMama Action Heroes for Sponsorships! The OneMama Clinic - the heart and center of all of OneMama's programs. By sponsoring the OneMama Clinic, you are contributing to the building, development, and/or operation of the Medical Clinic. Currently OneMama operates from a small clinic supporting midwives and their clients, providing a space for health education, and is a resource for medical needs within a large proximity in rural Uganda.

Please consider one or more of the following MUCH needed sponsorships to help keep the OneMama clinic running at full staff:
(all values are annual costs)

- Lead Registered Nurse - need to raise $4,000
- Nurse Practitioner - need to raise $3,500
- Registered Traditional Midwife - need to raise $3,500
- Registered Traditional Birthing Assistant - need to raise $3,000
- Medical Lab Technician - need to raise $3,000
- Director of Domestic and Family Planning (health ed) and Malaria HIV prevention - need to raise $4,000
- Director of Economic Programs (apparel, crafts, tent rentals) - need to raise $3,500
- Medical Sanitation Technician - need to raise $2,000
- Medical Grounds Security Officer for staff and patient protection - need to raise $2,000

- Birthing Kit Supplies - need to raise $8,500
- HIV Testing / Treatment - need to raise $3,500
- Malaria Testing / Treatment - need to raise $4,000
- COVID Testing - need to raise $3,500

- eCommerce and Web services for OneMama.org - need to raise $8,000

- Education / Family Planning
- Domestic Violence Prevention
- Birth Control
- Water Project

- Sponsor Rayne
- Sponsor Rene
- Sponsor Raphe

OneMama is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your donations are tax-deductible.

Help to Continue OneMama's Mission to Serve Families in Rural Uganda

OneMama's Start

After Siobhan Neilland experienced a miscarriage, she founded OneMama.org to prevent mamas of the world from facing the same pain she had. Now, through OneMama.org abroad and domestic programs, women are provided with resources to be nurturing mamas, leading prosperous, healthy lives.


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