I Gave Birth to a Child I Didn’t Know I Had (eBook)

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How the loss of a baby led to becoming OneMama to 1000’s of children.

Written by OneMama’s founder, Siobhan Neilland. Available in eBook formats.


To say Siobhan Neilland’s childhood was challenging is an understatement. Siobhan’s childhood memories are colored by her father’s sex cult, shooting guns, driving getaway cars, and doing drugs. As an adult, Siobhan finally overcame her childhood drug addiction and learned to manage her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from years spent enduring a life of crime and dysfunction. At the peak of finding the love of her life, Siobhan suffered a miscarriage, losing the child she never thought she could have. In the midst of this despair, she traveled the world to clear her mind and cleanse her soul. This journey landed Siobhan in rural Uganda where she met Mama Jamira, a traditional midwife who provided assistance for pregnant women who walked barefoot for miles to have their babies on the same bloody birthing mat year after year. After meeting these brave women who struggled to provide for their infants and who desired to have healthy children, Siobhan realized her daughter’s spirit, Sepulveda, led her to this village for her own rebirth.

In giving to others, Siobhan realized she could find joy again! Her mission in life was to prevent women all around the world from experiencing the same pain she had while empowering impoverished communities to birth healthy babies and give them a chance at a prosperous future. To fund this mission, Siobhan has repetitively dipped into her own personal income working as a Fortune 500 consultant for companies like Google and Amazon to start the OneMama collection which was needed to support the non-profit organization. Additionally, she founded Shaboom Products a cosmetic line and Shaboom Entertainment to provide financial assistance towards her mission to change the world creating a shift towards international social responsibility. Due to her dedication, one hundred percent of OneMama’s profits go directly to the mamas, babies, and the communities they support. These funds provide for medical care to prevent HIV transmission from mother to baby, Malaria, and other illnesses.

Additionally, OneMama provides supplies and a clinic for sanitary birthing conditions. OneMama also provides trade skill education along with agricultural education to the mamas so they can sustain their families. Because of OneMama, Siobhan realized that she is the “One-Mama,” leading other Mamas to have happy, healthy babies—even in the most extreme conditions. Additionally, she has discovered that through her efforts, she has become “One-Mama” to thousands of children internationally.

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