OneMama Dolls – Handmade Mamas with Baby

$35.00 donation

Save 17 Mamas & Babies when you purchase this item.


Each one-of-a-kind African Doll is handcrafted by the women of the Ugandan OneMama birthing clinic. Each doll uniquely shares the authentic experience of a Ugandan woman, exhibiting the values of community of family at the core of her culture. Dolls are hand sewn and wear an exclusive OneMama dress and paper bead necklace. And, of course, a OneMama Doll always carries her baby tucked in a wrap on her back.

This doll makes a wonderful, joyful gift for you, or any woman or child. You can feel proud and filled with joy, knowing that your purchase of this doll helped support a mother and her baby lead and happy, healthy life–something everyone deserves!

*Due to the variations of available supplies to make our dolls and the hand-stitching, each doll is slightly different and unique.

This $35 donation saves 17 lives!

100% of the proceeds made from your order go back into the communities who designed the products through OneMama programs.


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