Donate for Ultrasound Equipment & Services

Suggested Donation Amount: $50.00


Support our mission to equip our Health Center with crucial sonogram (ultrasound) technology, training, and buildout of a dedicated room for providing maternal care ultrasound scans. By contributing today, you directly impact the lives of expectant mothers and their babies, ensuring safer pregnancies and healthier births. Ultrasound technology aids OneMama’s healthcare workers in effectively screening expectant mothers for obstetric and neonatal risks. This capability holds the potential to enhance delivery outcomes and generate site-specific epidemiological data, offering valuable insights for the development of targeted healthcare strategies in the local cooperating governments and for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Join us in closing the healthcare gap for our rural community. Your generosity makes a life-saving difference.

Please consider offering your help specifically to this program at OneMama with any sized donation you feel fit.

To learn more about bringing ultrasound technology to our clinic, read about it in our blog here.

Please note: Your donation of goes directly to fund the costs of the equipment and goods needed to facilitate this new department at the OneMama Clinic in Uganda.


OneMama is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your donations are tax-deductible.


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