Original OneMama Single Color Beads

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These beautifully unique, handcrafted paper bead necklaces are made by the people of rural Uganda. Mix and match, wrap around your waist, arm, neck — be creative with these fun accessories! Each necklace has 108 mantra beads. Note: Colors may vary from shown in pictures as each necklace is different.

Length: 16″-17″

Colors: Naturals, Reds, Blues/Turquoise, Greens/Browns, Black (currently out of stock), Black and Red

This $20 donation saves 10 lives!

Check out Steven Tyler wearing his white OneMama Beads on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine!

Watch him in the Rolling Stones video with his OneMama beads, click here.

100% of the proceeds made from your order go back into the communities who designed the products through OneMama programs.

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Important Note for Handmade Items

All garments and accessories are handmade in a developing country – though we hand-check all items before shipment, if any faults are found, we will be happy to exchange the item for you.


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