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Why It’s the Best Time to Donate to

OneMama Funding News

OneMama is struggling you guys…!!! We need a miracle right now. Donations are at an all time low. OneMama had some rough choices to make and needed to cut back. We had to reduce medical staff and supplies, essential programs, education, and much more over the past 9 months… and the community is feeling it.

Not only that, but OneMama’s goal for the Uganda clinic to become 100% self-sustainable within 10 years is here! OneMama is 10 years old this year, and despite the financial setbacks we are SO CLOSE!! Due to the economical climate in the US, people are giving more locally, and we love that and we don’t want to take away from that.  It’s just that OneMama’s goals are being hindered by essential lack of funding to get us over our last hurdles. Can you help?

A simple act of giving can spread exponentially across all walks of life. All we need are a few people who are willing to say “YES! I will be a global game changer! I can be an action hero of change!” and make a pledge to OneMama today. Help us make these past 9 years worth it – and for OneMama’s 10th year to be its strongest!

Today is THE DAY to donate to make the most impact for just a small amount and here’s why: 50% of donations up to $50 are matched by this week only! That means a $10 donation becomes a $15 donation, a $30 donation becomes a $45 donation, and a $50 donation becomes a $75 donation! Every bit counts and no donation is too small, especially right now when OneMama needs you the most!

Please click here to donate a single amount or, for an even greater impact, a pledge recurring amount for 100% match! There are also thousands of dollars in bonus donations that are up for grabs!

Matching Funds Campaign

With your help just this week, together we could really make a huge impact for a whole lifetime for the OneMama communities. Thank you to all who love and support OneMama. We simply can’t do it without you.

Please don’t miss this perfect opportunity to help OneMama successfully reach our 10-year milestone. Donate here:

Love and Light,
The OneMama Family

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Game Changers Top 50 is named by GameChangers 500 to their Top 50 list of featured game-changing companies from around the world, operating on a for-benefit model of social good. Instead of solely evaluating companies based on their revenue, GameChangers 500 takes into account other factors, including social responsibility, environmental impact, and work environment. Siobhan Neilland, founder of is also one of five women CEOs named to the list. OneMama is honored to be recognized as a game-changing organization for its social entrepreneurial programs and unique model, which emphasizes both social responsibility and economic sustainability. OneMama’s three-tier franchise model consists of a birthing clinic, medical clinic, and community center, all of which work together to become self-sustainable in 5 to 10 years and with 100% of donations going directly to on-the-ground programs in its communities. Special thanks to David Hopkins for always being an advocate for, and bringing awareness to how for-benefit companies with an altruistic mission, like, are changing the world.

Check out OneMama’s GameChangers 500 Profile HERE!

About GameChangers 500

GameChangers 500 profiles the world’s top For-Benefit businesses that are focused on maximizing benefit to people and the planet, rather than just maximizing profit-at-all-cost. Considered an alternative to lists like the Fortune 500, GameChangers 500 looks beyond revenue as the “point system” and awards organizations for using business as a force for good. Among the top 500 are socially and environmentally conscious leaders like Patagonia and TOMS, mavericks of workplace culture like Zappos and Virgin, as well as innovators like Tesla Motors and IDEO. Although the majority of the top 500 are based in North America and Europe, more than 25 countries are represented with some of the top performers representing countries such as Brazil, Malaysia, and India.

GameChangers 500 is building aspiration for a new breed of organizations—organizations that define themselves as For-Benefit rather than For-Profit, and utilize business to not only make money but to also make the world a better place.